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As an authorized user of the Gamma-Dynacare (GD-Results.com) web-site for the purpose of result distribution, all information presented directly from this system will be kept confidential in order to adhere to provincial and federal laws. Use of usename's and password by personnel other than the sole person assigned to such information will be restricted. If such information is exchanged, it will be the responsibility of the original user to ensure the proper use and confidentially regulations are enforced. Order and resulting information found within the confines of this website will be considered closed upon the distribution and/or closing of an order, therefore ending Gamma-Dynacare's responsibility for further communication of such information. Results will only be considered final once they have been approved and ready for distribution. Any preliminary or interim information that may be available should be handled in such a manner. Proceeding with the use of this website is based on the original detailed “terms and conditions of use” agreement when this user was first activated.

The terms of use of eResults have changed. Please review the new terms of use here.

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